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Eternal plants even you can’t kill

Eternal plants even you can’t kill

Do you often find yourself nurturing a succulent for days on end, and that one sunny day out-of-the-blue sees it off? Well feel you. Spring is almost upon us which means it’s the perfect time to switch-up your house plant game!
As well as improving mood, house plants have been proven to increase work productivity, reduce stress and improved air quality. Combine some plants with a regular dose of Happi and you’re winning!

We’ve scouted out a selection of indoor plants that can survive even the greatest neglect.

Dragon Tree


These beautiful plants benefit from bright but indirect sunlight and often prefer to grow in a humid room (we’d recommend your bathroom or kitchen). If you are naturally forgetful, Dragon Trees are for you – they much prefer to be under-watered than overwatered and thrive when left to dry out regularly.
Our favourite here.

Rubber Plant


Rubber Plants love a bright room but prefer not to sit in direct sunlight so keep him away from the window. Satisfied with little watering, using a mist spray daily is sufficient for promoting growth and flourishing. Got small windowsills? This is your guy!
Our favourite here.

Chinese Money Plant


Similarly to the above two, Chinese Money Plants love light but not too much light. Keep these fellas away from the window in a bright room! Once-a-week watering will promote happy growth – allow the soil to dry and don’t leave in pools of water.
Our favourite here.

Cast Iron Plant


The perfect desktop companion, Cast Iron plants love water regularly shouldn’t be left soggy. Dry soil is an indication that you need to give it a water. These come in a variety of sizes so are easy to place in the house. If you’re lucky, you might even get some flowers at the base!
Our favourite here.

Prayer Plant


Got lots of pets? These guys are safe around furry friends and love to live in bright rooms but not direct sunlight. Misting on the regular is recommended, particularly throughout the warmer summer months. You’re not likely to experience fast growth so if you’re looking for a low-maintenance plant, here’s the one for you!
Our favourite here.

We want to hear all about the plants that keep you happy! Drop us a photo of your plants (next to your Happi stash of course) and you might be featured across our social platforms!


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