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Gut Health: Take Control

Gut Health: Take Control

 The GI system is vital in many aspects of maintaining a healthy functioning body. The maintenance and regulation of the immune system occurs here, as does nutrient processing, and hormone creation.

Ensuring we nourish gut with vitamins, minerals and nutrient-dense foods will help ensure we maintain good gut health and a health wellbeing.


 1. Ensuring you have an adequate fibre intake

Most commonly known for the stuff that keeps you regular, fibre is here to keep your bowels moving BUT it also ensures the good bacteria in your gut stay healthy. The British Heart Foundation advises that fibre intake should sit around 30g a day, but the average adult only gets 20g!



2. Eat slowly

Ensuring that you chew your food thoroughly and eat meals slowly can promote absorption and digestion of nutrients. If it is a particularly large meal, spacing it out to allow digestion to take place could reduce discomfort.


3. Stay hydrated

Drinking lots of water can aid digestion and keep gut bacteria happy doing their job. This is one of the simplest things you can do! Double points if you're drinking from a reusable bottle!

 reusable water bottle


  1. Don’t stress!

Easier said than done I’m sure we’d all agree, but high levels of stress hormones can impact your entire body. Keeping caffeine intake low, sleeping more and meditating can be easy ways to reduce stress.


How do you help keep your gut healthy?

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